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Chip Seals also known as stone and sand seals combine an asphalt layer and cover aggregate to provide a skid resistant wearing surface. The asphalt renews aging surfaces, fills minor cracks, and seals and waterproofs the pavement. It binds the aggregate, which protects the asphalt and provides durable friction. For stone seals, we prefer high quality, clean, hard, cubical and uniformly-sized aggregates. Sand seals need fine, granular, hard and durable sand that is free of organic matter. The asphalt is applied as a water-based emulsion. Latex (polymer) may be added to the emulsion before application for durability.

Chip Seals are suitable for all types of roads from rural to higher traffic volume roadways. Sand seals can fill small cracks and voids. Chip Seals may also be used on low-traffic, well-graded gravel roads as a first asphalted surface. Roads should be essentially sound and properly drained. There should be no sign or sub-base movements or surface bleeding. Chip Seals are the ideal treatment for aging good quality pavements you want to preserve. Chip Seal can also be used over interlayer installation for extended life of chip seals.

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